"There is strength in unity"

Jean-Louis Bancel, candidate for the Presidency of the International Cooperative Alliance

Dear Sir, Dear Madam

It is in a world disrupted by the accumulation of crises and risks that the General Assembly of the International Co-operative Alliance will elect its Board of Directors in Seville on 20th June.

Rooted in the daily lives of almost 6.5 billion women and men, cooperatives are affected by these upheavals. But they are also part of the solution to move, day by day, towards a better World.

Facing these difficulties and uncertainties, the Alliance's mission to be the voice of cooperatives must once again resound loud and clear. For this to happen, cooperatives must once again speak up within the Alliance.

To avoid turning inward on marrow parochialism that would threaten the future of the cooperative model, we know that there is strength in and through unity.

I am presenting my candidacy for the Presidency of the Alliance to closely knit - with all the members of the Board of Directors that you will elect - a team at your service.

During this mandate I will have three priorities:

  • to further boost the cooperative identity, in particular by involving youth through education;
  • to support and anchor the development of cooperatives in all countries: the economic and social transition that the World needs will come through them;
  • to bolster the uniqueness of cooperatives and contribute to building up a better World.

I rely on your support. Together, let's speak up and argue for an Alliance to be proud to be cooperative members who act for a better World.

Application letter in ENGLISH, FRANÇAIS, ESPAÑOL


To follow my campaign and find out more about my priorities for action, please visit the page dedicated to my candidacy and the campaign news.

I also invite you to follow my campaign on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

Should you have questions? Should you wish to meet me? Contact me at presidence@entreprises.coop.

Jean-Louis Bancel, President of Coop FR