A co-operative is a democratic business model. A private company, it differs from a conventional company by its governance based on the principle of “one person, one vote” and the dual status of its members who are also its customers, producers or employees. 


Co-operative identity is based on the seven co-operative principles set out at the international level by the International Co-operative Alliance’s 1995 Statement and reaffirmed at the national level by the co-operative identity statement issued by the French co-operative movement in October 2010.



“Co-operatives are a democratic business model based on the values of responsibility, solidarity and transparency. These are private companies whose primary purpose is to provide individual and collective services to their members. The co-operative and its members, who are also its customers, producers or employees, are bound by lasting mutual commitments.”


In their daily business, co-operatives put into action their values of democracy, solidarity, responsibility, long-term viability, transparency and serving the local community.



To find out more:

Co-operative identity statement, Coop FR, 2010 : French version - English version

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International co-operative identity statement, ICA, 1995