Coop FR is the representative organisation of the French co-operative movement. 


Started by its members in 1968 as Groupement national de la coopération (GNC), Coop FR is today the voice of more than 23,000 French co-operative businesses in every sector and their one million employees.


Coop FR grew out of the desire of the different “families” of co-operatives (agricultural co-operatives, consumer co-operatives, workers' co-operatives, co-operative banks, etc.) to ensure the promotion of co-operative values and principles and defend the interests of co-operatives in public policy.


“The purpose of the Association is to defend and promote the fundamental principles of co-operation as defined by the International Co-operative Alliance.” -- art.2 of the bylaws


Briefly, the mission of Coop FR is to:


  • Communicate and raise awareness among the general public, teachers, researchers, and government about the unique features, values and principles of co-operatives.
  • Be a forum for the different families of co-operatives and advance the ideas developed within the organisation.
  • Lobby government to maintain the right legal and financial environment for co-operatives.
  • Represent and defend the interests of co-operatives at the national and international level.


Coop FR works on gaining greater recognition by government authorities of the unique features of co-operatives and the enterprises of the social economy, which co-operatives are a part of together with mutuals, voluntary organisations and foundations.


Coop FR

76, rue Saint-Lazare - 75 009 Paris

Tel.: 01 42 93 59 59 


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